ComTech GmbH

Labor für Kunststoffe


Our activities: reliable and individual

Comtech GmbH offers professional and reliable services in the field of plastics and adhesives. A detailed consultation is a matter of course. Trust our expertise. We find safe, fast and simple for you the right solution plastic.

Our main activities are

  • Materials for Electronics, Aerospace and Automotive Industry
  • Services to support R&D
  • Analytical techniques available
  • Production

Materials for Electronics, Aerospace and Automotive Industry

  • Comprehensive advisory
  • Materials selection and development
  • Contract R & D

Services to support R&D

  • Structure / property relationsship e.g. cure mode of thermosets
  • Surface characterisation
  • Quality control / Failure analysis
  • Interface-phenomena e.g. surface treatment, coupling agent
  • Contaminations (cleaning, release agents, surfactants)

Analytical techniques available

  • Thermal: DSC, MDSC, TMA, TGA- FTIR: ATR, Microscope, Photoacoustic
  • Dynamic mechanical and dielectric spectroscopy: DMTA, DETA
  • NMR, GPC (in cooperation)
  • Surface: SEM, AFM, TOFSIMS, ESCA (in coop.)


Formulation and compounding of epoxy adhesives and encapsulants:

toughened / conducting (thermal & electrical) / flame retard. UL 94 –V0